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Walking Shoes
lyrics and chords

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Walking Shoes lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use, it's a fun Tanya Tucker song to play and sing. It has an excellent rhythm with easy to make chords, you can learn to play it.


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Walking Shoes
recorded by Tanya Tucker
written by Paul Kennerley
G                   D7              G
I'm gonna put on my walking shoes tonight
                        D7                       G
Well I'm a-leaving here cause you don't treat me right
                            C                       G
All ya do is make me cry so now I'm a-gonna say goodbye
                    D7            G
I'm gonna put on my walking shoes tonight
                        D7            G
Yeah I'll be wearing my old traveling hat
                 D7           G
Now baby what do you think of that
Cause all ya do is treat me wrong
   C                      G
So honey I'll be good and gone
                   D7            G
I'll be wearing my old traveling hat
        C                G
I'm the best thing  baby that you ever had
C                      A7                   D7
When ya find that out  you're gonna feel so bad
      C               G
You'll beg me please  come back home to you
                                    D7       G
But it's too late I'm putting on my  walking shoes
                       D7            G
But I'll be wearing my it's all over coat
                 D7            G
And I ain't even leaving you a note
All ya do is cause me pain
    C                    G
And I ain't coming back again
                   D7            G
I'll be wearing my it's all over coat
Repeat #1
Tag:                D7            G
I'm gonna put on my walking shoes tonight


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This is really a nice song to play and sing, it has a fun rhythm and the chords aren't difficult. Copy and paste Walking Shoes lyrics and chords so you can this great country classic to your repertoire.


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