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That's The Only Way To Say Good Morning

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That's The Only Way To Say Good Morning
recorded by Ray Price
written by Wayne C. Thompson

C                     Dm        G7                     C
I can feel her gentle fingers   tracing patterns on my skin
       F            G7                     C
As the curtain   of sleep rules through my eyes
                             Dm     G7                    C
The motion of her warm young body   as she moves close to me
         Dm                 G7     C
With the taste of her sweet kiss I realize
                C7              F
That's the only way to say good morning
Makes a perfect day when you start it right
That's the only way to say good morning
When a perfect day is over and we're lying here together
That's the only way to say good night
                          Dm       G7                 C

I can hear the rain drops falling  on the window pane outside
F             G7               C
Somewhere far away the thunder roars
                         Dm     G7                     C
Like the echo of my heartbeat   as she sets my soul on fire
       Dm               G7        C
Making love is what the morning's for
Repeat #2


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This is really a well written song done by Ray Price, it has a very nice rhythm and a beautiful melody. The chords are easy enough for us amateurs to play and it's a good one to add to your lyrics collection. That's The Only Way To Say Good Morning lyrics and chords is really fun to do.