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I Never Picked Cotton
lyrics and chords

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I Never Picked Cotton lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use, it's a country classic recorded by Roy Clark and others. It's not difficult to play, all the chords are easy to make.


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I Never Picked Cotton
recorded by Roy Clark
written by
Charlie Williams and Bobby George

I never picked cotton

Like my mother did and my brother did

And my sister did and my daddy died young
D7 G
Working in a coal mine

When I was just a baby

Too little for the cotton sack

I played in the dirt while the others worked
D7 G
Till they couldn't straighten their backs

And I made my self a promise

When I was old enough to run

That I'd never stay a single day
D7 G
In that Oklahoma sun

repeat #1

Folks said that I grew up early

And the farm couldn't hold me then

So I stole ten bucks and a pick up truck
D7 G
And I never went back again

And it was fast cars and whiskey

Long legged girls and fun

I had everything that money could bring
D7 G
And I took it all with a gun

repeat #1

It was Saturday night in Memphis

When a redneck grabbed my shirt

And he said go back to your cotton sack
D7 G
I left him lying in the dirt

And they'll take me in the morning

To the gallows just outside

And in the time I've got there ain’t a hell of a lot
D7 G
I can look back on with pride

I never picked cotton

Like my mother did and my brother did

And my sister did and I’ll never die young
D7 G
Working in a coal mine


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This is a country boy song, most people don't know about picking cotton, even the younger country boys don't since it's all done by machines now. But it was hard work, I know because I had to do it when I was a young lad and it wasn't fun. Nevertheless, the old song is fun to do, just copy and paste these I Never Picked Cotton lyrics and chords and enjoy.


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