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Wreck Of The Number Nine
lyrics and chords

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Wreck Of The Number Nine lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use, it's good Jim Reeves' song for us amateurs to play and sing. It's a three chord song that's easy to play.


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Wreck Of The Number Nine
by Jim Reeves  written by Carson Robison
G                           C
One dark stormy night not a star was in sight
    G                                D7
The North wind came howling down the line
              G                       C
There stood a brave engineer with his sweetheart so dear
        G         D7              G
And his orders to pull old Number Nine
    D7                        G           G7
She kissed him goodbye with a tear in her eye
    C          G                 D7
The joy in his heart he couldn't hide
    G                                C
The whole world seemed right for she told him that night
     G              D7              G
That tomorrow she'd be his blushing bride
The wheels hummed a song as the train rolled along
    G                                 D7
The black smoke came pouring from the stack
    G                           C
The headlight a gleam seemed to brighten his dream
   G             D7            G
Of tomorrow when he'd be going back
   D7                           G
He sped around the hill and his brave heart stood still
    C             G              D7
The headlight was shining in his face
   G                        C
He whispered a prayer as he threw on the air
    G                  D7           G
For he knew this would be his final race
In the wreck he was found lying there on the ground
   G                             D7
He asked them to raise his weary head
    G                          C
His breath slowly went as this message he sent
     G          D7                   G
To a maiden who thought she would be wed
        D7                         G
There's a little white home that I built for our own
      C                 G             D7
Where I dreamed we'd be happy you and I
    G                       C
But I leave it to you for I know you'll be true
     G              D7          G
Till we meet at the Golden Gate goodbye


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