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Hawkshaw Hawkins lyrics

Hawkshaw Hawkins

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Hawkshaw Hawkins who was known for his rich, smooth voice gave us so many great country songs during the 1950's and 60's. He drew his music from honky tonk, blues and boogie and loved to dress in bright rhinestone suites when on stage. Hawkshaw was killed in a plane crash at the early age of 42 along with Patsy Cline and Cowboy Copas, such a tragic loss. He was a member of the Grand Ole Opry and his music is still enjoyed today by those who love the country classics.

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Hawkshaw Hawkins lyrics

A Heartache To Recall


After All We Have Meant To Each Other

After Yesterday

Alaska Lil and Texas Bill

Are You Happy

Back To The Doghouse

Bad News Travels Fast

Best Of Company

Between The Lines

Big Ole Heartache

Blue Skies In Your Eyes


Car Hoppin' Mama

Caught In The Middle Of Two Hearts

Dog House Boogie

Empty Arms And A Heart Full Of Sorrow

Everybody's Got A Girl But Me

Everything Has Changed

Flashing Lights


Girl Without A Name

Got You On My Mind

Guilty Of Dreaming

Heap Of Good Lovin'

Heart Weary and Blue

How Could Anything So Pretty Be So Doggone Mean

I Ain't Going Honky Tonking Anymore

I Am Slowly Dying Of A Broken Heart

I Can't Seen To Say Goodbye

I Can't Tell My Broken Heart A Lie

I Didn't Have The Heart To Say Goodbye

I Don't Apologize For Loving You

I Gotta Have You

I Hate Myself

I Hope You're Crying Too

I Love The Way You Say Goodnight

I Suppose

I Wanna Be Hugged To Death By You

I Wasted A Nickel Last Night

I'll Be Gone

I'll Get Along Somehow

I'll Get Even With You

I'll Never Close My Heart To You

I'll Take A Chance With You

I'll Trade Yours For Mine

I'm A Lone Wolf

I'm A Rattlesnakin' Daddy

I'm Kissing Your Picture Counting The Tears

I'm Standing At The End Of My World

I'm Waiting Just For You

I've Got It Again

If I Ever Get Rich Mom

If It Ain't On The Menu

In The Shadows Again

It Would Be A Doggone Lie

It's Easier Said Than Done

It's Easy To Remember

Ko Ko Mo I Love You So

Let Them Talk


Little White Washed Chimney

Loaded With Love

Lonely Broken Heart

Lonesome 7 7203

Love Died Tonight

Mean Old Bed Bug Blues

Memories Always Linger On

Moonlight On My Cabin

My Fate Is In Your Hands

My Story

Never Say Goodbye

No Love For Me

Oh How I Cried

Over The Hill

Pardon Me For Loving You

Pedro Gonzales Tennessee Lopez

Put A Nickel In The Jukebox


Secrets Of My Heart


She Was Here

Some Of These Nights

Somebody Lied

Teardrops From My Eyes

Teardrops On Your Letter

Thank You For Thinking Of Me

That's All She Wrote

That's When It's Coming Home To You

The Life Story Of Hank Williams

The Long Way

The Longer We're Together

The Love I Have For You

The Love You Steal

The Mark Around My Finger

There's A Teardrop In Your Eye

This Particular Baby

Twenty Miles From Shore


Waitin' For My Baby 

Wanted Someone To Love Me

When They Found The Atomic Power

When You Say Yes

Why Didn't I Hear It From You

Why Don't You Leave This Town

Would You Like To Have A Broken Heart

Yesterday's Kisses

You Can't Find Happiness That Way

You Just Stood There

You Know Me Much Too Well

Your Conscience


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