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The Rhumba Boogie
lyrics and chords

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The Rhumba Boogie lyrics and chords are provided for your personal use, it's a fun up tempo song by Hank Snow. Use these lyrics with chords to help you learn to play and sing this country classic.


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Recorded by Hank Snow
Written by Clarence E. Snow
Welcome all you children give a listen to me
Let me tell you about a new boogie beat
            C                           G
There's no hesitation it's sweeping the nation
         D7                                    G
It's the Rhumba Boogie done the South American way
While Madame Lazonga was teaching La Conga
In her little cabana in old Havana
        C                                    G
We were doing the Charleston and Balling the Jack
              D7                                            G
Then that old Black Bottom till they started that Jitterbug Rag
Then across the water came Cuban Pete
He started a boogie to the Rhumba beat
         C                             G
It's the Rhumba Boogie let's give it a whirl
         D7                                     G
While he plays the boogie in the South American style
Well you step out together then you circle around
Count one  two  three then put your right foot down
         C                                     G
Then you circle your lady as you swing and you sway
       D7                                  G
To the Rhumba Boogie in the South American way
When that old piano it starts to ring
Everybody then starts to sing
       C                                G
To the Rhumba Boogie  done the tropical style
         D7                                            G
It's the Rhumba Boogie and they're doing it all of the while
Well the guy responsible for leading the band
He yells do your stuff it's the best in best In the land
         C                            G
It's the Rhumba Boogie let's dance it awhile
       D7                                  G
To the Boogie Woogie done the Rhumba Cuban style
Repeat 2nd verse
Repeat 3rd verse


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This one is really fun to do, it only takes a bit of practice to get the time correct but it has simple chords. It's a Hank Snow specialty. Print The Rhumba Boogie lyrics and chords so you can enjoy playing and singing this great country classic.