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Tabernacle Tom lyrics and chords

Tabernacle Tom song lyrics are the property of the respective artist, authors and labels, they are intended solely for educational purposes and private study only. The chords provided are my interpretation and their accuracy is not guaranteed.

Tabernacle Tom lyrics and chords are provided for your personal use only, this is a great song by Cal Smith, it's fun to pick and sing. It tells a story about a handicapped fellow that becomes a hero.


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Tabernacle Tom
recorded by Cal Smith
written by Don Wayne

G                               C                      G
The Youngstown tabernacle stood amongst some giant oak trees
Just outside of Youngstown in eastern Tennessee
    G                                   C
The bell would toll each Sunday for the Youngstown folks to come
                                          D7         G
The man who made the church bell ring was tabernacle Tom
                                       C              G
The Youngstown people said old Tom was touched in his mind
He mowed the lawn and cleaned the church and never charged a dime
     G                           C                G
They said he was a lonely man no friend or kin or wife
                                     D7          G
And to serve Gods tabernacle was his only aim in life
                             C       G
But ol' tabernacle Tom had a song to sing
Ol' tabernacle Tom had a bell to ring
G                    C         G
Tabernacle Tom had a job to be done
                                                 D7         G
Thank God the world's been blessed with men like tabernacle Tom
                                     C              G
One day the news like wild fire went racing through Youngstown
They said ol' crazy Tom had burned the tabernacle down
       G                            C               G
So the sheriff went and got him and took him off to jail
                                           D7                G
The Youngstown Christian Soldiers said ol' Tom was bound for hell
                                             C                 G
Sunday morning found the heavens filled with dark and churning clouds
By church time it was raining hard and the wind was howling loud
     G                                        C              G
They still talk about the twister that missed Youngstown, Tennessee
                                      D7                    G
And the burned out tabernacle crushed beneath the giant oak tree
Repeat # 3
                                      C              G
The Youngstown congregation went and got Tom out of jail
They asked him if he had a vision but he wouldn't tell
    G                                C             G
Now if this legend has a lesson then I'll take the stand
                                   D7             G
That each man has a purpose in the Masters master plan
Repeat # 3


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It's hard for us mortals not to judge people, this cute song reminds us that's not our job. It would be a good addition to your play book, the chords are simple and it has a nice rhythm. Copy and paste Tabernacle Tom lyrics and chords so you can learn to pick and sing it.