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Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed lyrics and chords

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Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use only, it's really a fun song to do, it was recorded by Little Jimmy Dickens. This classic isn't difficult to learn to play and sing.


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Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed
Recorded by Little Jimmy Dickens
Written by Eugene Wilson and Luther Patrick

Did you ever sleep at the foot of the bed
         F                    C
When the weather was whizzing cold

When wind was whistling around the house
        D7                 G7  
And the moon was yeller as gold

You give your good warm mattress up
        F                C  
To Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Fred
    F             C
Too many kinfolks on a bad night
        G7                      C
And you went to the foot of the bed

I could always wait till the old folks ate
    F                      C
And eat the leaving's with grace

The teacher could keep me after school
    D7                       G7
I'd still have a smile on my face

I could wear the big boys worn out clothes
       F              C
Or let sister have my sled
       F                 C
But it always did get my nanny goat
   G7                       C
To sleep at the foot of the bed

It was fine enough when kinfolks come
        F                     C
And the kid brought brand new games
You could see how fat all the old folks was
    D7                   G7
And learn all the babies names

Had biscuits and custard and chicken pie
   F              C
We all got Sunday fed
      F                     C
But I knowed darn well when night come
      G7                         C 
I was headed for the foot of the bed

They say some folks don't know what it is
       F                    C
Having company all over the place
To wrestle for cover on a winter night
       D7                       G7 
With a big foot setting in your face

Or cold toenails a scratching your back
        F                         C
And the foot-board scrubbing your head
     F                        C 
I'll tell the world you ain't lost a thing
      G7                          C 
Never sleeping at the foot of the bed

I've done it over and over again
        F                         C 
In this land of the brave and the free

And in this all fired battle of life
     D7               G7
It's left its mark on me

For I'm always a struggling around at the foot
        F           C
Instead of forging ahead
      F                              C
And I don't think it's caused from a doggone thing
    G7                          C
But sleeping at the foot of the bed


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Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed lyrics and chords