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Simple Life
lyrics and chords

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Simple Life lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use only, it's a fun to do Ricky Skaggs song. He does it incredibly fast, I can't began to do it so quick, so I slow it down.


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Simple Life
recorded by Ricky Skaggs   
written by Mac McAnally
C               G7
I live a simple life
  F                        G7
I work all day I sleep all night
  C                       G7
A couple kids that need a nap
    F                G7
Big dog and a little cat
Am                 G7     F
Wife that barks but rarely bites
G7    C       G7     C
So I live the simple life
I live a simple life
  F                             G7
A good coat when the cold winds bite
  C                       G7
Leather boots for my bare feet
    F                  G7
Now and then a steak to eat
  Am                    G7     F
I pick with the boys on Friday night
G7    C     G7     C
So I live a simple life
            Am                             G7               F
My favorite book was wrote about a man that died to save my soul
       Am                        G7                    F
And my favorite thing to hear is Daddy I’m so glad you home
       Am                G7             F                    D7
And my favorite woman is 5’3” with long black hair and green eyes
      F        G7     C
Still I live a simple life
I live a simple life
   F                       G7
Couple of friends I really like
  C                       G7
A little house outside of town
   F                    G7
An old car that gets me around
Am            G7   F
Complications may arise
G7    C      G7     C
But I live a simple life
And I live a simple life
     F                     G7 
Cell phone when my old car dies
    C                  G7
The Internet to show me where
F             G7
GPS to get me there
Am                G7    C 
Everywhere there’s satellites
G7    C     G7     C
Oh I live a simple life
Repeat #3


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