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Signed Sealed and Delivered
lyrics and chords

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Signed Sealed and Delivered
recorded by Hank Locklin              [3/4 time]
written by Lloyd Copas and Lois Mann
C                 G7                                 C
Signed sealed and delivered  a package containing my heart
        C7         F            G7                   C
To open remove the wrapper  but please don't tear it apart
                                 G7                                C
You tore out this heart when you left me  you left me alone and so blue
                 C7        F              G7                        C
I'm sending this special delivery  please handle with care it's for you
                        G7                                    C
It's all that I have to offer  but darling you know that it's true
       C7           F            G7                       C
Signed sealed and delivered  the postman will bring it to you
                            G7                                  C
I thought perhaps you would keep it  just for a while don't you see
                  C7      F        G7                          C
So darling please keep it forever  without you it's no good to me
                    G7                               C
Signed sealed and delivered  a package containing my heart
             C7       F          G7                 C
I send it to you as a token  I'm sorry we're so far apart
repeat #2


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This is my wife's favorite Hank Locklin song, she enjoys singing all of them but is partial to this one. It's done in 3/4 time with a very pretty melody and simple chords. Copy and paste Signed Sealed and Delivered lyrics and chords, I bet you'll enjoy doing this song.