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Rueben James
lyrics and chords

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Rueben James lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use, it's a great Kenny Rogers recording. It tells a great story that any of us learn to do, the chords are simple enough for us amateurs.


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Rueben James
recorded by Kenny Rogers
written by Barry Etris
C                  G7                 C    
Rueben James in my song you'll live a gain
        F              C     
And the phrases that I rhyme
             G7              C    
Are just the footsteps out-a time
       F           C    G7     C     
From a time when I knew Rueben James
                                          G7                 C    
Rueben James all the folks around Madison County cussed your name
       F                         C           
Just a no account share-cropping colored man
    G7                C   
Who steal anything he can
    F                  C        G7     C     
And everybody laid the blame on Rueben James
       F                                             C    
Rueben James you still walk the fertile fields of my mind
Faded shirt weathered brow
Callused hands upon the plow
            F                       G7     C     
I loved you then and I love you now Rueben James
                                   G7               C     
Flora Graves the gossip of Madison County died with child
      F                    C     
And although your skin was black
             G7                       C    
You were the one who didn't turn your back
     F                       C       G7     C     
On a hungry white child with no name Rueben James
                                             G7                  C    
Rueben James with your mind on my soul and a bible in your right hand
         F              C     
You said turn the other cheek
          G7                           C    
There's a better world waiting for the meek
      F                   C         G7     C     
In my mind these words re main from Rueben James
Repeat #3


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