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Rescue From Moose River Gold Mine 
lyrics and chords
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Rescue From Moose River Gold Mine lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use only, it's a apparently a true story recorded by Wilf Carter. It's not difficult to learn at all.


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Rescue From Moose River Gold Mine
written and recorded by Wilf Carter   [3/4 time]

C           F        C      
Way down in old Nova Scotia
      G7                    C    
Moose River it seems is the name
      F                   C      
Three Canadians on Easter Sunday
       G7                        C    
To the tumbledown gold mine they came

                   G7         C         
They descended the mine for inspection
      G7                               C  
Never dreaming fate trailed them close by
       F                       C       
With a crash that gave them no warning
G7                             C   
Entombed in that mine there to die

      F                     C       
Brave men from all over the country
     G7                       C     
Volunteered to give up their lives
     F                     C       
They slaved with unceasing efforts
   G7                     C     
It seemed that death they defied

              G7              C       
Long days and nights they had labored
       G7                       C    
Turned back when great cave-ins fell
      F                   C       
While far below patiently waiting
      G7                     C    
Three men were in one living Hell

     F                           C      
Many times turned back when near rescue
     G7                          C   
They seen all was blocking their way
       F                                C      
With a prayer on their lips they worked onward
        G7                      C   
We must win we must win pray we may

               G7              C       
On Sunday they got their first message
         G7                   C    
From the men prisoned far far below
        F                          C       
Can you help us they heard the men calling
    G7                        C      
Our sufferings God above only knows

     F                              C      
Next message filled all hearts with sorrow
        G7                        C    
As they heard them say one pal is gone
       F                          C    
We are trying our best to hold on boys
        G7                     C     
Do your best don't make it too long

                  G7            C      
At last the great strain it was broken
  G7                              C    
A miner out of breath brought the news
        F                          C       
We have won the great fight he was calling
   G7                       C        
At last we have dug our way through

     F                            C     
That great fight against the Dark Angel
      G7                         C   
It is one fighting heart all the way
        F                     C      
Still a tragedy came with the rescue
         G7                     C    
From the tomb of those terrible days

                 G7       C      
Now friends this story is ending
     G7                  C   
With hardships of many a day
         F                      C       
But this rescue will go down in history
       G7                         C   
Of the gold mine down Moose River way


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It's told as a true story of yesterday, it's a folk song recorded by Wilf Carter. It's done in 3/4 time in moderate tempo, it's easy to learn. Copy Rescue From Moose River Gold Mine lyrics and chords, you'll have fun with it.