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Po' Folks
lyrics and chords

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Po' Folks lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use only, it's really a great song by Bill Anderson. Lots of us older country folks can relate to this one.


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Po' Folks
writtena and recorded by Bill Anderson
G                                     D7                  G
There's a whole lot of people looking down their noses at me
                           D7          G
Cause I didn't come from a wealthy family
           C                     G
There were ten of us living in a two room shack
       D7                        G
On the banks of the river by the railroad tracks
   C                  G
We kept chickens in a pen in the back
And everybody said we were Po' Folks
   G                      D7                     G
My daddy was a farmer but all he ever raised was us
                                D7                    G
He dug a forty-foot well struck thirty six gallons of dust
    C                      G
The Salvation Army gave us clothes to wear
  D7                          G
A man from the county came to cut our hair
   C                    G
We lived next door to a millionaire
    D7                    G
But we wasn't nothing but Po' Folks
       C                     G
We was Po' Folks living in a rich folks world
   D7                G
We sure was a hungry bunch
       C                     G
If the wolf had ever come to our front door
A7                      D7
He'd a had to brought a picnic lunch
   G                          D7                      G
My granddaddy's pension was a dollar and thirty-three cents
                                   D7                  G
That was ten dollars less than the landlord wanted for rent
    C                      G
The landlord's letters got nasty indeed
   D7                  G
He wrote  get out  but Pa couldn't read
    C                    G
And we were too broke to even pay heed
    D7                           G
But that's how it is when you're Po' Folks
repeat #3
G                           D7                G
But we had something in our house money can't buy
                           D7                    G
Kept us warm in the winter cool when the sun was high
    C                            G
For whenever we didn't have food enough
        D7                  G
And the howling winds would get pretty rough
   C                              G
We patched the cracks and set the table with love
      D7                             G
Cause that's what you do when you're Po' Folks
    D7                    G
And we wasn't nothing but Po' Folks
   D7                 G
My mom and my dad was Po' Folks
   D7                        G
My brother and my sister was Po' Folks
   D7                 G
My dog and my cat was Po' Folks
    D7                     G
And even the Po' Folks was Po' Folks


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Even if you've never experienced any of the things in this classic, you can appreciate the story. If you are too young to remember any of it, learn to play and sing this old song so you can do it for your grandparents. They'll love it, just copy and paste Po' Folks lyrics and chords, practice a while then enjoy playing and singing a good old country song.