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Mr. Peepers lyrics and chords

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Mr. Peepers lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use only, it's a very good country song recorded by Bill Anderson.


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Mr. Peepers
Recorded by Bill Anderson
Written by Mark Raymond Charron

As she rode in the car behind a black limousine
G7 F C
She thought about the man she knows since she was seventeen

She was glad he was gone and soon she would forget
G7 F C
She was married to the dullest man she had ever met

He never was the kind of man she wanted him to be
G7 F C
They never had that big white house or raised a family

F G7 Em Am
And she called him Mr. Peepers just a shy quite man
F G7 C
She never took time to believe in him or try to understand
F G7 Em Am
And as she gave his dying soul to the preacher man to save
F G7 F C
One by one the crowd began to gather around his grave

44 weeping stewardesses with children kneeling down
G7 C
And each one looked just like the man they were laying in ground

Twenty-three fashion models and a girl he called his niece
G7 C
With a disco dancing trophy in the name of deceased

Seventeen playboy bunnies and his next door neighbor’s wife
G7 C
They say she caused his heart to quit the night he lost his life

Old Spencer Brown from a secret rendezvous
G7 C
She came to say goodbye to the only man she ever knew

Repeat #2,3

Seventeen playboy bunnies and she called him Mr. Peepers
C Am G7 C
And she thought he was dull he had a closet big as a warehouse
F G7 C A7 F
And they all came out 22 secretaries 13 cocktail waitresses
G7 C F
One disc jockey a broadcast personality
C Am
Two truck drivers and I’m gonna tell you

Those were ugliest two women you ever laid your eyes on
F G7 C
Dull friends is in the eye of the beholder
F G7 F C
Mr. Peepers was anything but dull


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