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Mama's Hands lyrics and chords

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Mama's Hands lyrics and chords are provided for your personal use, it's a very nice George Jones' song. This tells a great story about a mother, it has easy to make chords with a nice melody.


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Mama's Hands  
Recorded by George Jones
Written by Larry Kingston and Frank Dycus
C                     F              G7                       C
My daddy's hands held tens and two's while mom's were holding me
                  F                    G7                C
And daddy's hands lost everything to a hand of kings and threes
                       F            G7                C
And daddy's hands they shook so bad that he turned to wine
                      F                  G7              C
But mama's hands were strong and calm as they held on to mine
                      F             G7               C
Yes mama's hands held on to mine to guide me day and night
                         F               G7                  C
And it took the sting of mama's hands to teach me wrong from right
                       F                   G7                C
When times were bad and money's slim she'd fold her hands in fray
                       F             G7               C  C7
Ands somehow she would make the food hold out another day
F                    C             F            G7    C
Now mama's hands are cold with age they tremble as she prays
        F                      C           D7             G7
But her voice is strong as she thanks God  for the bygone days
C                   F                  G7            C
She looks at me and then she smiles she knows I understand
                  F          G7            C
That everything I am today I owe to mama's hands
             F          G7            C
Everything I am today I owe to mama's hands


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This fine song give credit where it's due, to his Mama, there are a lot of mother's that it could be about. It's really a nice classic that's easy to play, copy and paste Mama's Hands lyrics and chords so you can add it to your lyrics collection.