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Louisiana Man lyrics and chords

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Louisiana Man lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use only, it's a fun to do song recorded by Buck Owens and Don Rich. It isn't hard to learn, it's up tempo with basic chords.


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Louisiana Man
Recorded by Buck Owens & Don Rich
written by Doug Kershaw

At first mom and papa called little boy Ned
                                    G7    C
They raised him on the banks of the river bed

A houseboat tied to a big tall tree
                          G7       C
A home for my mama and my papa and me

The clock strikes three papa jumps to his feet
                            G7           C
Already mama's cooking papa something to eat

At half past papa he's ready to go
                              G7         C
He hops in his pirogue headed down the bayou

They got fishing lines strung across the Louisiana River
                           C     F
Gonna catch a big fish for us to eat
They're setting traps in the swamp catching everything he can
                           C         F
Gonna make a living he's a Louisiana man
                           C         F
Gonna make a living he's a Louisiana man

Muskrat hides a hanging by the dozen
                       G7        C
Even got a lady make a muskrat's cousin

Pile of hide drying in the hot hot sun
                                G7   C
Tomorrow papa's gonna turn them into mon

They call my mama Rita and my daddy Jack
                             G7           C
A little baby brother on the floor that's Mac

Rynn and Lynn are the family twins
                        G7    C
Big brother Ed's on the bayou fishing

On the river floats papa's great big boat
                   G7        C
That's how my papa goes into town

Makes every bit of the night and the day
                                    G7     C
Then ever reach the place where the people stay

I can hardly wait until tomorrow comes around
                                 C       F
That's the day my papa takes his furs to town

Papa promised me that I could go
                 C      F
Even gonna see a cowboy show

I see the cowboys and Indians for the first time then
              G7       C
Told my pappy gotta go again

Papa said son we got the lines to run
                                    G7         C
We'll come back again first there's work to be done

repeat #3


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Louisiana Man lyrics and chords