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Joe Knows How To Live lyrics are chords

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Joe Knows How To Live lyrics are chords intended for your personal use only, it's was a big hit for Eddy Raven. It's fun to play and it isn't difficult to do.


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Joe Knows How To Live
Recorded by Eddy Raven
written by Graham Hamilton, Seals Troy, Harold Barnes and Max Duane

G7                         C            
Blue Monday morning at the factory gate
G7                   C  
Almost time to clock in
    G7                     C                 
The boys were betting that Joe wouldn't show
F                        G7       
They'd seen him over the weekend

He had four new tires on his old Cadillac
Betty the waitress and some clothes in the back
And a dashboard full of road-maps of Mexico
     G7               C    
Yeah Joe knows how to live

        Am                 Em    
He said women were made to love
F                  C   
Money is made to spend
Am                Em             F          A7    
Life is something buddy you will never live again
Yeah I've got to admit 
G7                    C    
Joe sure knows how to live

   G7                         C     
By now they'll be down at the ocean
       G7                      C     
He and Betty stretched out somewhere
         G7                     C              
The only blue in his eye is the blue moonlight
F                          G7    
Bouncing off Betty's blond hair

Oh I can just see them rolling round on the sand
I never thought I was a jealous man
But when I think what he's doing and what I'm not
G7                 C   
Lord I'm jealous a lot

Repeat #3

    G7                         C      
Now Betty's back home with her mother
           G7              C    
Joe's back on the assembly line
       G7                             C           
But he brings in his pictures and his Mexican hat
F                     G7     
Just to remind us sometimes  

Repeat #3

Yeah I hate to admit 
    G7               C    
But Joe knows how to live


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Joe Knows How To Live lyrics are chords