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Harry And Joe lyrics and chords

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Harry And Joe lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use only, it's a very good country song recorded by Don Williams.


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Harry And Joe
Recorded by Don Williams
Written by Len Handler and A.J. Gundell

C G7 Am C
Harry and Joe move south with their wives
F G7
Enjoying the golden years of their lives
C G7 Am C
But life doesn't always pay back what it owes
F Dm G7 C G7
Suddenly there was just Harry and Joe

C G7 Am C
Now Joe'd been a teacher gentle and calm
F G7
Harry a teamster with a fuse like a bomb
C G7 Am C
Thrown in together by life's crazy whims
F Dm G7 C
That pepper and salt like their unshaven chins

F Dm G7 C
Harry and Joe lean to and fro
F Dm G7 C
They lean on each other wherever they go
A#7 F Dm G7 F
Two lonely fighters doing all that they know
C F G7 C G7
To get through each day Harry and Joe

C Dm Am C
Harry and Joe cheating at cards
F G7
In a Florida apartment that smells like cigars
C G7 Am C
They bragged about grand kids and the wives they love so
F Dm G7 C
In the late afternoons of Harry and Joe

Repeat #3

F G7
An ambulance siren from across the backyard
F G7 D7 G7
Joe looks at Harry and deals out the cards
F Dm G7 Am
Harry and Joe lean to and fro
F Dm G7 C
Like they lean on each other wherever they go

A#7 F Dm G7
What tomorrow may deal them there's no way to know
C F G7 C
So they'll get through today Harry and Joe
F G7 C
They get through each day Harry and Joe


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Harry And Joe lyrics and chords