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Hang On Sally lyrics and chords

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Hang On Sally lyrics and chords is on this web site for your personal use only, it's a very good country song recorded by Johnny Paycheck.


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Hang On Sally
Recorded by Johnny Paycheck
Written by Larry Kingston

In the mountains there's a valley of love named Sally
D7 G
A full moon shinin' down on moonshine valley

She's a'waitin' and a'hopin' that I'll come a'callin'
D7 G
Callin' to her through the water where the waterfall is fallin'.

She loves me and she needs me and her love is a'wastin'
D7 G
And the sweetness of the drippin's from her lips need tastin'

So I'm runnin' wishin' and hopin' that I'll make it
D7 G
Up the mountain to my fountain of love

Hang on Sally waitin' here in the valley
D7 G
I'm comin' just as fast as I can
I'm pantin' and I'm puffin' but man that ain't nothin'
A7 D7
Waitin' till I kiss and hold your hand

Through the brush and the rubble I'm a'callin' on the double
Clothes all torn by the thorns and the needles and the briars
I'll sure be a sight but you can heal me tonight
D7 G
And bathe my wounds in the fountain of love

Now old brother Brewer he's afraid of revenuer's
D7 G
He's a crackpot crack shot now Brewer don't you do 'er

It's just me Mr. B'er old city slicker buddy
D7 G
And I sure ain't a'hankerin to get all hurt and bloody

If you kill me who'll thrill me while I'm lying here a'dyin'
D7 G
The tears'll fill the valley where old Sally starts to cryin'

They'll rust up and bust up the still you got a runnin'
D7 G
So take me to my valley of love

Repeat #3,4

D7 G
Take me to my valley of love


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