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Americana lyrics and chords

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Americana lyrics and chords are intended for your personal use only, it's an excellent song recorded by Moe Bandy. It takes a little practice, but it's well worth the effort.


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recorded by Moe Bandy
written by Richard Fagan, Larry Alderman, Pat Ryan

C             G7              C
I’ve traveled all around this country
             G7                  C
In my time I thought I’d seen it all
      F            G7            Am       G7  
But today I took a detour down a back-road
          D7                             G7
Through a little town whose name I can’t recall

           C          G7              C
There were old men on benches playing checkers
                 G7               C
Children playing hopscotch on the square
    F            G7           Am      F
And high above a statue of an unknown soldier
    C         G7            C
Old Glory was waving in the air

Am         F             C
Suddenly I realized what I’d too long forgotten
  Am                 F               G7
A chill rose up like mountains on my skin
    Am            F         C          F
Overcome with the feeling I knew I was seeing
C           G7   C
America all over again

  F    G7
F             G7               C 
Pictures of a people proud and free
  Am  F      D7        G7             Am    G7  
A—m-ericana  I’ll keep holding to the dream
       F          G7              C
You’re still what living means to me

               G7                    C
I knew to stop would throw me off my schedule
                    G7                  C
But I parked around behind the Five and Dime
        F                G7                Am    G7
There’s something bout a small town in the summer
       D7                              G7
Like a Norman Rockwell picture back in time

          C               G7          C
Kids were courting at the Rexall soda fountain
                        G7                 C
Like we did before they built the shopping mall
      F       G7       Am              F
I saw so many reasons  why I love this country
    C                      G7               C
You know some things never really change at all

Am                   F               C
As I left the 2 lane road and pulled back on that superhighway
  Am                  F                 G7
I thought of what I’d seen back in that town
       Am            F                    
And it hit me like a freight train
       C                     F
That a stones throw from the fast lane

C          G7             C
America is still safe and sound

  F    G7
F             G7               C 
Pictures of a people proud and free
C Am  F      D7        G7             Am    G7  
A—m-ericana, I’ll keep holding to the dream
       F          G7              C
You’re still what living means to me


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